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Intuitive writer. Healer, reader and transformational coach. Freelance creative (director). Channel for the Divine Feminine to re-occur. And Founder of Owning Our Stories. With Owning Our Stories I combine my creative skills and spiritual knowledge. In individual sessions (Lifetherapy: coaching, counselling, healing and reading), transformational workshops and coachingprogrammes and longer retreats, we will bark upon the greatest transformational adventures together, in which I invite (and if needed gently push) you to own your story and be the creator of the life you long for.

What else?! Born in the eighties (1980). Aries. 'Horizon'; the meaning of my given name. Amsterdam-based. Living together with Bram, international film director. Mother of 2-year old bright boy Charlie. Also storyteller, poet & publisher, spoken word performer. And Burner.



"I am the creative, courageous, light-hearted and honest Horizon, who reconnects people with their essence: their Divine Frequency of Love and the profound knowing they are a Divine Source of Love, so that they can walk their joyful, magical and abundant Path of the Heart, enlightening the world on their way."



  • Wish Tree Academy Mastermind - Heart-led business academy (2018-now)

  • School of Life, Educational institution for Lifetherapy, Haarlem (2013-2018)

  • Wish Tree Academy - The Workshop Blueprint Programme (2017-2018)

  • Medical Basic Knowledge bachelor (2015, cum laude)

  • DSM (Diagnostics Statistics Manual) (2014)

  • Hallo Academy for Applied Creativity, Amsterdam (2002-2003)

  • Social Psychology Master, University of Amsterdam (1998-2002)

Shorter trainings:

  • Authentic Leadership in Action - Urban Retreat, Manchester @ The Wish Tree Academy Mastermind. Teacher: Emily Johnsson

  • Nurturing your relationship with your ideal clients, London @ The Wish Tree Academy Mastermind. Teacher: Emily Johnsson

  • Nature and authentic you. Evening around shamanism and nature by shaman and doctor Avani/Médard van Leeuwe. (2018)

  • 2-day ceremony for Pachamama and seminar 'The Inka-Q’ero Mesa' with Don Guillermo, brought to us by Richard Aguayo. (2018)

  • Rite of the Womb (2018). Teacher: Babochka

  • Communication and travelling with guides. Teacher: Laozi Blessing

  • Bright Being Reading Training (2017-2018). Teacher: Dorien Flier

  • Basics Essential Oils (2016). Teacher: Patricia Vriens

  • Reiki 1 (2015). Teacher: Dorien Flier

  • Lived and learned from international healers in Bali (2012)

  • 2-day Workshop Applied Spirituality (2011). Teacher: Juno Burger

  • Crash course Enlightenment (2010). Teacher: Tijn Touber


If you want to stay safe in your shitty job, crappy relationship or unfulfilling circumstances, maybe it’s better not to call me. If you want to work with me, you're ready to own your story, take responsibility over your life and jump off the edge of Fear, onto the Path of your Heart.... I am both a loving holding space and brutally honest. I’m gonna show you where it’s dark, but have no fear. Sometimes it’s not going to be easy, but I’ll promise you it will be so damn worth it.

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