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12 weeks of re-aligning with the Sacred Feminine within

In this group programme, together we will re-balance our chakra’s, re-align with the Sacred Feminine and re-new our feeling of purpose. We will release our small stories and embody the Bigger Truth of Who You Are. Ready to create an abundant heart-led life, for yourself – and anyone you touch.

Language of the Programme

This intimate group starting June 3rd (New Moon!) will work mostly in Dutch. If you’re English speaking and interested in the Programme, please let me know, as we might start an English Sisterhood soon!

Now is the time to re-balance and re-align

More than perhaps ever before, right now is the divine time for us women, to awaken and connect to our inner feminine energy, also known as the Divine or Sacred Feminine. All around me, I see women in their 30’s and 40’s, who often, until this point, have lived a live and career, built on more masculine principles (f.e. willpower, ambition, linear goals and models), in order to be (sometimes unconsciously) accepted by their parents, bosses or other aspects outside ourselves. By doing so, our ratio has come to rule over our intuition, hearts and souls. At this point, these have become so out of balance, that we suffer from loss of contact with our feminine powers, loss of purpose, burn-out and illness. It is time for us to start walking the feminine path of the heart.

To unlock our feminine powers of listening to our intuition, speaking our truth and creating and manifesting fearlessly from our unique life-giving creative power. It is time for us to give birth to new, more heart-led lives. The secret to this lies in understanding and working with the chakra system. When we fully connect with and re-balance these energetic wheels in our energy system, we release limiting stories and blockages, we allow the acceleration of energy and the raising of our vibration, which allows us to re-connect to our higher selves — our Divine and sense of purpose. From where we create an abundant, heart-led life, for ourselves – and anyone we touch. By coming together in healing ourselves, we are all part of a Sacred Sisterhood, and together we will restore more balance to sustain our Great Mother Earth.

You may be hearing her Call.
It might be that She is still a tiny whisper. She doesn’t ask you to become a better person. She is here to remind you that you are good enough as you are. Inviting you to your most authentic purpose. She is the call of your Heart. Are you ready to listen?

What is the Owning Our Birthrights Programme about?

Join me for a transformative journey together, in which we are going to open and align our chakra’s, own the birthrights corresponding to them and become the fierce feminine creators of our own heart-led lives!

Our chakras, literally translated as "wheels" in Sanskrit, are the centers of activity that receive, assimilate, and express life force energy. The seven main chakras are piled up in an energy column from the lower back to the crown. Each of these ‘whirlpools of energy’ has its different characteristics that belong to a specific area of the body and psychological health. For example; the fifth chakra belongs to the throat and influences our communication and creativity. Medical science has shown that chakras in the body can become unbalanced due to negative thoughts, trauma, chemically processed food and other environmental factors, causing us to feel insecure, ill, sad, anxious, burned-out or depressed.

Also, every chakra reflects a fundamental birthright. The loss of a right can also block the chakra. Imagine, if you are living in a family or culture that regards the expression of emotions as weakness, it violates our right to feel, which corresponds with the second chakra and therefore causes deficiency there. Reclaiming these birthrights is a necessary part of healing the chakras.

By opening the chakras, we are going to restore the balance, so that life energy can flow properly flow through the body again, improving our mental and physical health. We will do this by releasing any negative, small stories and owning our birthrights per chakra/theme. Also, we will learn about specific affirmations and colors, crystals and oils, to balance the chakra’s. When our energy is balanced, our survival instincts are switched off, we can look at a situation objectively and make a conscious decision. Our story is now no longer owning us, but we start owning our story! We will own our birthrights attached to each chakra: (a.o.) to follow our intuition, speak our truth and use our unique life force to create our abundant, heart-led lives. Yay!


This Programme is suitable for you if:

✨ You want to release limiting beliefs and want to embrace more of the authentic you, re-aligned with the Sacred Feminine within

 ✨ You want your story no longer to own you, but want to become the owner and creator of your story and the Bigger Truth of Who You Are

 ✨ You want to find more courage to choose love over fear, follow your intuition, speak your truth and create and live a heart-led, abundant life

 ✨ You want to be part of a sacred sisterhood of like-hearted women, and experience how safe, encouraging and empowering this can be as part of your healing journey


When you leave this Programme you will:

✨Know basic chakra knowledge and how to apply, including some knowledge on crystals and oils

✨ Feel more grounded and safer in yourself

✨ Have more courage to choose love over fear

✨ Feel more autonomy and ownership over your life and choices

✨ Stop looking for acceptance on the outside and be more able to listen to your heart’s desire

✨ Be more able to speak your truth

✨ Follow your intuition more

✨ Be re-aligned more with Source and the Sacred Feminine

✨ And be more the Creator of your own abundant, heart-led life

✨ Be part of a Sacred Sisterhood. As all trauma is caused within a relationship (with parents, caretakers, other women, even in past lives…), therefore I believe real healing occurs also within the relationship. Together we create a sisterhood sanctuary where we can heal, revive our spirit and renew our purpose. 

Deep bow for how you create sacred space and guard it with love, attunement and courage.
— Clementine, participant Transformational Workshop

The content of the Programme

The Owning Our Birthrights programme is a creative and transformational 10-module Sisterhood Group Programme. We’re starting from the ground-up, taking one actionable step at a time. This course is not meant to be bombarding you with the idea that you need to change a whole list to become bigger, better (“good enough”), or even a Goddess. Personally, this is always leaving me feeling overwhelmed, resistant and inactive. You ARE good enough. You ARE whole. You ARE a Goddess. We just need to re-member. To re-lease, re-own and re-align. Ourselves and each other. And besides, by healing ourselves, we heal our Great Mother Earth as well. Yay! In 12 weeks, we will cover 10 modules:


 We will start with a welcoming evening (optional) and video. We will talk preparations, Agreement of Trust, Getting Started and Non-Negotiables. This week we will also start with basic chakra knowledge, including the concept of the Four Bodies. We will journey through the 7 main chakra’s, following the upwards Stream of Liberation. Releasing any small stories (lies/identities) that are no longer aligned with the Bigger Truth of Who We Are and came here to be.


This Foundation week will be all around Chakra 1 and Physical alignment. Element of the week is Earth. We will be writing the small stories we believed to be true about our bodies. And dance with the Demon of Fear. At the end of this we will be owning the Bigger Truth of Who We Are. And share our experience and actionable step.


We will further explore Chakra 1 themes. Start of the week will be about Housing and the emotional importance of decluttering and making space. This is also needed for the Money/Abundance theme to be able to flow in. We will be unmasking our Small Stories and owning our Bigger Truth.


We will explore Chakra 2. Emotions and sexuality. Element: water. We will emphasize on the theme of Joy – and why it is so difficult to fully step into our Joy. We will be dancing with the Demon of Guilt. We will be releasing our Small Stories and owning our Bigger Truth of Being Joy.


The 3rd chakra is all about Autonomy. Element: Fire. We will talk about our childhood, what might have happened there if we feel we have lost our sense of sovereignty over our lives.  We will be dancing with the Demon of Shame. And relighten our Fire. Sure, small stories and Bigger Truth too!


Love is in the Air (element)! Big week. Around Self-Love and relationships. Chakra 4 is the bridge between Earth and Heaven. We will be slow-dancing with Sadness…. And practicing choosing Love over Fear in everything we do. We are going to be truthful about our small stories around whether we are worthy of love… re-writing them in a more loving Truth. 


How about your creative identity? Chakra 5 is creativity and truth. Sometimes our voices are trembling or we have hidden our truth. Time to confront the Demon of these Lies. And start standing our sacred ground. As the element is sound, instead of affirmations, we will work with chanting or a mantra, to really get that throat to open up. As the mouth and the vagina are linked, this might be a highway to feminine divinity. ;-)


The 6th Chakra, the 6th sense, the 3rd eye. Let’s feel into our secret Feminine Superpower: Intuition. As opposite to Illusion. Have we ever diminished our Intuition? Small stories become Bigger Truths. 


The 7th chakra, the Crown Chakra is your Spiritual Connection. Your ideas about God, Soul, Source, Purpose. We are going to shred small stories and renew our Bigger Purpose.


In the final week in a 1-2-1 session in a guided meditation we will follow and open the downwards Stream of Manifestation to integrate and align all chakras. Being (more and more) awake, aligned and aware of what we are intending in each moment to create in each moment, is one of the greatest gifts we can bring to ourselves and everyone we touch. Finally, you will manifest a Creation as an intention keeper for your abundant, heart-led future. And of course, we will have a celebration (in the group and certificate)!


This Programme includes:

✨ Sisterhood Start Gathering (evening, non-obligatory)

✨ 10 learning modules (videos and work templates)

✨ Private Sisterhood Facebook group – for sharing and support

✨ 2 Group Calls a month

✨ 3 Coaching calls (1-to-1) with me:

Beginning: 1-2-1 Intake Skype (30 minutes)

Middle: 1-2-1 Skype call (1 hour, upon your request)

End: 1-2-1 Guided Integration Visualisation & Celebration (1 hour)


✨  Diving Deeper Library (extra inspirational sources, to dive deeper)