Kim knows exactly how to point her finger(s) to the right place and is not only incredibly skilled at what she does, but also a very nice and warm person. She is driven, to-the-point and feels things flawlessly. A session with Kim is really an enrichment and a gift to yourself and your body!

Woman, 37, background in writing and producing


What has been really valuable to me, is through conversations, we have been able to formulate a fairly specific and crucial request for help, which in my situation was the underlaying cause for my complaints for years. Energetically she has managed to treat me exactly where it was most needed. I feel, after years, freed from junk from the past.

Woman, 31, background in photography
“With her refined way of listening, reflecting the question and the question behind it, I was put on a visual and specific track of recognition and opportunities. Kim is in that sense a therapist who helped me to place patterns in the here and now, with an eye for what was. “

Man, 37, background in education & science